Friday, October 31, 2014

Easy DIY green tea eye mask

I need my sleep, a lot of it. Unlike my sister who will naturally wake up at 7am on a Sunday morning (jealous!), getting out of bed is pretty much always torture for me. Especially on week days when I have to get myself to class at uni by 8:30! 

The most evident sign of tiredness is those under eye bags that we all love so much (NOT). I've been looking for such a long time for the perfect eye cream that would help me look a little more awake and refreshed. I still haven't found the one for me, most of the eye creams focusing on anti aging virtues. 

Gladly, I've found a natural, totally DIY way to give a boost to my under eye area : green tea bags eye masks! Yes, using cold green tea bags on you eyes will help with depuffing and blood circulation. Simply take two green tea bags, let them infuse for a minute in some hot water, take them out on to a small plate and let them sit in the fridge until they are cold! Tah dah! There you have your home made eye masks ready to enjoy!

Let me know if you try it! xoxo

Monday, October 27, 2014

Style and blogging inspiration :

On this glorious monday morning (not.. we all could have stayed in our beds..), I wanted to share with you all one of my favorite place to get my creativity flowing. My fellow bloggers will probably say the same, when you are posting on a regular basis, you constantly need to stay inspired! 

To do so, I love going on, a street style website, to get some style (of course) and blogging ideas! Lookbook is filled with beautiful pictures of amazingly dressed young people (really they must all have a talented/dedicated boyfriend!) and you can imagine the hours I can spend scrolling down the looks, all more fashionable then the other.

Lookbook is not only a great place to go if you are looking for ways to shake up your style but also to find great new blogs to read. Most of those beautiful young ladies have a fashion/beauty blog that you can find in their Lookbook profile page. I've found most of my current favorites this way! Here a few profiles I've stubbled upon last night!


St Petersbourg





Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fashion Influencers 101 : Rachel Zoe & Sophia Amoruso

Blogging for you might be just a hobby, something you do when you have a few minutes to yourself, and that's just fine, but if you're doing it with the intention of going somewhere with you work, you've got to be serious about it. And one way of doing this is to know your stuff. This is why I started the series "Fashion Influencers 101" where I'll be introducing you to some of the most influential people in the fashion industry. I hope you appreciate it and some of you can learn something from it!

Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe is one of the most well known and sought after stylist in Hollywood, her client list including big names like Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson and Jennifer Lawrence. From stylish the stars on red carpet to working with editors of the most prestigious magazines, Rachel has made a name for herself in the fashion industry, despite having any training for the job. In addition to her stylist role, Zoe was also had her own tv show, The Rachel Zoe project (which btw I watched religiously), for five season and has launch her own clothing line. It seems like nothing can stop her from achieving her fashion goals and she will always be one of my greatest inspirations.

Sophia Amoruso

Most of you must have heard of the very popular online shopping website "Nasty Gal". But do you know the girl behind it all? This actually all started when Sophia Amoruso launched an ebay store, selling vintage pieces she would find. Quickly her little at home business built quite an impressive following and in 2008, Amoruso move her online clothing shop to it's own website, "Nasty Gal". Today, the founder of the site is at the head of an incredibly successful brand and considered of the most inspired, and sexiest (!), CEO ! Well she is most definitely the proof for all of us that with determination, you can build something from... nothing!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Kylie Jenner inspired #FOTD

This week, I made a sneaky little visit to one of my favorite stores : MAC. I clearly have an obsession with their lipsticks and I thought I would be time to add yet another shade to my ever growing collection. I was actually looking for one in particular, Twig, I had seen in a MAC lipstick collection video. I ended up also getting Faux, which is a very similar shade, only a little lighter and with a more mauvy tone to it. Mixed together, they create the absolute perfect shade, very much like the famous Kylie Jenner lip look. That's what inspired me to try and recreate a wearable version of her very popular makeup look!

Here are the products I used to achieve the final look :

NARS Sheer Glow foundation (in Deauville)
Benefit Watt's Up highlighter 
The BodyShop honey bronzer
Make Up For Ever HD Second Skin cream blush in 220
Benefit Gimme Brow
Maybelline The Nudes eyeshadow palette (black shade)
Physician's Formula Organic Wear mascara
MAC lipsticks in Faux and Twig

Kylie Jenner inspired makeup look

Monday, October 20, 2014

Autumn makeup edit

Autumn is now definitely here to stay in Montreal; the days are getting colder and the sun is going down early! And with the change of season comes a new makeup routine. As much as I love the bright colours of summer, I am always quite happy to see the deeper and darker tones of the cold seasons. I thought I would share with you my new must have products for fall!

Maybelline The Nudes eyeshadow palette : I've taken pleasure in playing with eyeshadow lately, something I had never done before. For the longest time, mascara was the only product I would use. But now I love how I can give some dept to my eyes with one or two eyeshadows!

Korres greek yoghurt moisturizing face cream : Cold temperature means for me dry skin. Even thought I moisturize my face all year long, it becomes even more important when fall comes. My favorite one to use at the moment is this one from Korres. What I love the most about it is that if feels rich but doesn't leave the skin feeling oily or sticky! Perfect if you are applying makeup afterwards.

MAC Faux and Twig lipsticks : This is my absolute new favorite lip combo to wear. I first apply generous coats of Faux and then pat on a bit of Twig. Together, they make the perfect mauvy/brown nude. A perfect dupe for Kylie Jenner's famous lip look!

Clinique Chubby Cheek Stick in Plumped Up Peony : When fall comes, I like to leave my bright pink blushes for more earthy and plumy shades. This one from Clinique is absolutely perfect and is so easy to apply!

Covergirl outlast stay brillant nail polish in Leading Lady : Again, a proof of my fall obsession with berry and plum shades! I absolutely love this nail polish colour, it's unlike everything I've had! 

Benefit Watt's Up highlighter : With summer over, I've got to work harder to keep a healthy and glowing complexion and Watt's Up is a big helper! Applied on my cheekbones, it gives me the perfect glow! A sales girl from MAC even complimented me on it and when I told her I was using Benefit Watt's Up, she said was going to buy for sure!

What are your favorite makeup products for the fall season? xoxo

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Lip product addict tag

Favourite balm/treatment?

I would have to go with the NUXE Rêve de Miel as my favorite lip balm treatment (which btw was a purchased based on a recommandation of essiebutton). Rêve de Miel is the most intense hydrating balm I have ever tried. You only need the tiniest amount to get amazing results. On the other hand, because it's such a thick product, I mostly use it during the night. I apply a good amount of it on my lips before going to bed and wake up with the softest lip! As for a good day time lip balm, I like using the Caudalie Vinosource. It feels extra soft but isn't heavy at all.

Best eye-catching red?

I've only started wearing bright lipsticks this summer and I started with pinks and oranges (thus the importance of hydrating your lips!). It seems to me like red is even more daunting to wear. I have not worn it out yet but my favorite would have to be the MAC Rubi Woo, a classic matte lipstick. It seems to be quite popular!

Best luxury & best drugstore

My favorite luxury lipsticks are definitely the MAC ones. They have great color and formula selection, they smell incredible and the packaging so classic! My MAC lipstick collection is ever growing!

My favorite drugstore lipsticks are from Rimmel, especially the Kate Moss line. I would say they are the drugstore option that's the closest to MAC.

Best MAC lipstick

Cream cup. I'll be ever faithful to my first MAC purchase.

Liner - Yes or no

I've never ever used lip liners and I don't feel the need to except maybe when wearing red. I would also be opened to trying it out with nudes as I've seen a couple makeup tutorials using the technique to make lips seem fuller.

Best gloss 

I'm really not a big fan of lip glosses. I'm much more a lipstick kind of girl! But if I'm in the rare mood to wear lip gloss I'll go either for the Maybelline Lip Elixirs or the Canadian brand Lise Watier.

I invite you all to answer one of these questions in the comments! Share your favorites! xoxo