Friday, January 30, 2015

Treating myself : Sephora haul

I caved and went to the makeup mecca that is Sephora. But I went it with a plan. Like most of you I'm sure, I've been keeping makeup wish lists scattered around in my phone, computer and notebook. As I was looking around at makeup on the internet, I had the idea of creating myself a Sephora wish list on my account! I now list there all the high end makeup I'm lusting over.

I don't think I've shared that with you guys yet but I've decided that in 2015, I'll be being less (hopefully so) on makeup but go for high end products when I do splurge. I really want to up my makeup collection game and invest in pieces that I'll be excited to use. So keeping that in mind, I've been carefully selecting the products that make it into this wish list and surely but slowly, I'll be paying Sephora visits a picking a couple up at the time.

On this first trip of the year, I went for the Hourglass Ambiant Lighting palette, the Hourglass Ambiant Lighting blush in Dim Infusion, the Tarte Park ave princess palette and the First Aid Beauty face cleanser. Yes I know, I went a bit powder crazy! Spoiler : I'm already obsessed with all of them. Not only the packaging of the palettes and blush is INCREDIBLE, the products are just on point. Reviews coming up FOR SURE!

What's on your high end makeup wish list at the moment? xoxo

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Everyday simple makeup routine

I've been playing quite a lot with my everyday makeup look lately. My skin is extra dry these days (thank you winter weather), and my makeup just wasn't sitting right on my skin. I also just subscribed to the Pixiwoo channel (yes I know I'm soooo late) and I've been so inspired by a few of their makeup tutorial, picking bits and pieces here and there to up my makeup game. I feel I'm know satisfied with how natural but still put together my everyday makeup look well... looks! 

First of all here are all of the products I use on my face. It may seem like a lot for a simple makeup look but my whole routine only takes me 10 minutes to get through! 


First step, after intensely moisturizing my skin, is applying my foundation. The one I always find myself reaching for at the moment is the Healthy mix serum from Bourjois. I might even say it's my top one favourite from the drugstore ever (!). I like simply using the tip of my fingers to apply this one. I gives me quite a nice coverage and my skin just loves the moisturizing gel texture of it. Then, time for concealer. The one I've been trying out at the moment, after hearing so many youtubers rave about it, is the Rimmel Wake me up concealer. I don't have intense dark circles so I only use a tiny bit.

Then time to bronze and glow the face! I've used the Benefit Watt's Up highlighter for quite some time now and I just love it so so much! I apply quite a lot of it and blend it, again with my fingers. I get so many compliments when I wear it! Then to shape the face I use the Body Shop Honey bronzer, recommandation from the lovely Essie Button. Final step is to set everything with the Bourjois Healthy mix powder.


I like to keep it simple on the eyes but still get some impact there. I'll go for one of my Maybelline colour tattoos, my favourite (and everyone else it seems) being the Bad to the bronze. This is so so fool proof, you dip your finger in there and just pat it on the lid. Then comes my new trick which I picked up from a tutorial on Pixiwoo's channel. I make the finest black line very close to my lash line using my beloved Kat Von D tattoo liner just so my lashes look fuller. Then mascara! I don't know why but I've always had a hard time finding one that I love. Right now I use Smashbox's Full exposure which I'm quite impressed with I must say. It gives me "natural but better looking" lashes. 


Can we just ignore my brows right now? I've been wanting to try threading for quite some time. Well since I've seen Viviannadoesmakeup, Lily Pebbles, Essie Button and Amelia Liana all go and get their's threaded. Their brows just looked so good! So yes, back to my brows I've been growing out so I can then get them nicely shaped, hopefully very (!) soon. But for the moment I just try to make them look somewhat presentable with the Benefit Gimme brow which is a product I absolutely love.


As you must know if you've been reading my blog, I have an obsession with MAC lipstick so I'll usually be reaching for one the my nude shade of my collection. My favourite at the moment has been Faux which is a slightly pink light brown shade. Very nighties! 

Hope you liked the post and let me know in the comment section which products you like using on a daily basis! xoxo

Friday, January 16, 2015

Sharing the love : favourite youtubers

 The girls you want to be best friend with : Viviannadoesmakeup & Lily Pebbles

Funny thing, those two are actually really good friends and you will often see them in each other's videos. They'll talk mostly about makeup with the occasional vlog, which are by the way, some of my favourite to watch. I would say that most of the products that are featured on their channel are on the high end side of things so if you've got a good budget for makeup, you'll get great recommendations for them!

The girl with the interesting and glamorous life : Amelia Liana

Best thing, even though she has a quite privileged life, this girl is so down to earth and fun to listen to! Tag along for nights out on the town, get ready for parties, bloggers events and enviable makeup hauls. She will make you want to get all glammed up. And she is such a funny girl! Gosh she makes me laugh so much! 

The girl next door : Essie Button

And she is Canadian. Bonus points. Not only do I love to watch her main channel videos, which are mostly about beauty, she has a great vlog channel in which are featured her amazing boyfriend Aslan and dog Reggie! Oh and make sure you are not hungry when sitting down to watch her videos cause chances are you'll see lots of yummy food!

The girl who knows everything about makeup : Tati

This girl's makeup game is ON POINT. She will try for us pretty much every product out there and comes back with the most informative, and fun to watch reviews. You've spotted a new display at the drugstore and you don't know what product to pick up ? Head on over to Tati's channel, chances are she has tested all of them and shared the hits and misses!

The cutest family on Youtube : SacconyJolys

I might sound like a total weirdo but after watching their daily vlogs for about a year and a half I kind of feel like part of their family! Jonathan and Anna are so funny and kind, but most of all, amazing parents to their adorable children Emilia and Eduardo. Not that I have a favourite... well yes actually I do. Emilia is just the most incredible little 2 year old out there! She is so so bright and so so funny. With a daily dose of the SacconyJolys, there's no reason not to start your day with a smile on your face (I watch them while eating my breakfast)!

I always love discovering new Youtubers out there so let me know who is your favourite and why! xoxo

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Total MAC makeup look

I think we can easily say that I've developed quite an love for MAC cosmetics over the summer. I have to blame it on the fact that the store I work at move right next to one of their stores. That means a trip to MAC can easily be squeezed into a lunch break! But honestly I'm very happy to have discovered the brand as it's now one of my favourites. I always get great help from the makeup artists that work there, their prices aren't too high up but most of all, the quality and selection of product is great!

If you've been over here long enough you must know I have a special place in my heart for their lipsticks. But I've recently branched out and tried new products like their eyeshadows (I'm slowly building my own eyeshadow palette) and blushes.

I was thinking the other day of doing makeup look around the berry eyeshadows I've got in my MAC palette. As I was picking the other products to complete the look I realized I had the perfect MAC products to go with those shades! So here's my total MAC look! 

Lid eyeshadow : Wood winked
Highlight eyeshadow : Brûlé
Crease eyeshadows : Star Violet & Sketch
Eye-Liner Kajal in Earthline
Mineralize blush in Gentle
Matte lipstick in Please me

Monday, January 12, 2015

Makeup Setting Sprays review : MAC vs. Urban Decay

Let's start with the one that first made it's way into my makeup collection : the MAC Fix+. I picked it up this summer as I was getting tired of my makeup wearing off and not looking as good after a few hours on. All of you makeup addicts like me out there, I'm sure you understand me. How frustrating is it to realized in the middle of a sunny day of wondering around in the city that the beautiful makeup look you had going when you got out of the house is no longer looking that good? Very I will say. Well MAC Fix+ did help me out with this issue. It does help your makeup to stay on longer but I wouldn't say it is its biggest selling point. I now go to this product when I want things to look a bit more dewy and natural. A few sprits of this and I'm telling you, say bye bye to your slightly caky face. Magic! 

If you are really looking to lock things into place for good, I would suggest more the Urban Decay All nighter Long-lasting makeup setting spray. This thing is hairspray for your face (not in a sticky way though). Personally, I've had problems with liquid eyeliners smudging on my lids, yes I know I probably should use eyeshadow primer.., but this baby made my worries go away! Nothing moves, I'm telling you.

Those two options, as amazing as they are, may not be for your budget. So I was very excited when I heard Tati (Glamlifeguru on Youtube) talk, well rave, about the L'Oréal Infallible Pro Spray & Set makeup extender. Yes! You read right! A drugstore makeup setting spray. A first. I'll be honest, I've only been using it for a few days as it very recently hit the shelves in Canada but I'm already loving it. As far as first impressions goes, I would say it's kind of in the middle between the MAC and UD one. And as I very well trust Tati's opinion, I'm sure I will find myself using it a lot and I'll keep you update on this one.

Have YOU ever used makeup setting sprays? Which one is YOUR favorite? xoxo

Friday, January 9, 2015


Since starting working in a shoe store, I've developed a SERIOUS obsession. Before that, I wasn't much of a shoe person and I would stick to the minimum necessary. Now it's a whole other story and I have to restrain myself not to come home with a new pair every week. The result : a nice little collection of shoes carefully picked! 

The problem was, as my collection was growing, I had nowhere to store them. They would all lay on the floor, one on top of the other, where my unit now is. They would so easily get all covered in dust and I couldn't really see what was under that mess. But now the problem is solved! I got this great Besta unit from IKEA (find here) in a white colour, so the shoes would pop. It stores all of my shoes and the great thing is that I can eventually order more shelves to store more shoes! Cause we all know that's going to happen.

I just love seeing my shoes well organized! Here's how I divided them:

Booties : Michael Kors (last winter), Michael Kors (this season), J Shoes (this season), Le Château (this season)

Black high heels : Chelsea Girl (two years ago), Zara (two years ago), Nine West (last season), Charles Jourdan (my prom shoes!)

High heel sandals : French Connection (this summer), Enzo Angiolini (this summer), Urban outfitters (this summer), UGG (last summer)

Flats : Sam Edelman (last summer), Aldo (this summer), French Connection (last summer), Sam Edelman (last summer)

Sneakers : Franco Sarto (last summer), Aldo (this summer), Coach (classic style), Converse (classic style)

What is the fashion item YOU obsessed over (aka you have to restrain yourself from buying a new one every time you are on a shopping street) ?

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The most amazing Secret Santa gift!

Lip Gel in Lovemarc
Hi-Shine Lacquer in Enamored
Plush Eyeshadow Style Eye-Con No. 3

Since last year, we've decided in my family to cut down the number of gifts given on Christmas day. Let's be honest, when everybody has to give something to everybody, it can easily get out of control. You end up spending way too much money and way to much time unwrapping on Christmas day. So we decided it was time to jump on the whole "Secret Santa" band wagon and make things a whole lot more sensible. And we've all been loving it! 

We often get together for family dinners so when November is coming to an end, when take the time at one of those dinners to write down everybody's name and suggestion on piece of paper and pick the person we will be "responsible" for this coming Christmas! Of course, we keep it a secret! You can either give the person what's written on their paper (which is what most of us did) or give something totally different if you're really inspired. Personally I went somewhere in the middle giving my oncle I had picked the book he had asked plus an amazing cooking book. I told him he had to make me one of the recipes next time I went over (everything looks incredibly delicious!).

As for what I got, I can say I really hit the jackpot!! I had written as a suggestion "anything beauty". I thought it would give the person a good indication without getting too specific so I could get a surprise. But I didn't expect such an amazing gift! My cousin ended up picking me and she knows how much I love makeup. She really surpassed herself and picked me up Marc Jacobs bits! Really I couldn't be any happier and I'm so excited to try a brand I hadn't to this day! 

I'm trying all of these beauties at the moment and a review is coming your way soon (spoiler : I'm obsessed)!